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Mike is a sports and senior photographer based in Kansas City, KS. His career in photography began in 2014. What started out as a hobby in messing around with Photoshop developed into a passion for high quality imagery. He loves this craft, but first and foremost thanks Jesus for his grace. He is loved by my amazing wife and daughter. Need more info? Keep reading...

An insatiable fire burns in the chest of a young person when they discover a purpose beyond home life. An activity focusing on the talent of body control. This is encompassed in sports. This is something that doesn’t discriminate age, but encourages play. Once consumed with the passion of sports, empty boxes or trash cans becomes the bounds of play. Daily motions gain epic perspective and call for exquisite handling and control in the game of imagination. As most of you relate, this is how I came to know sports and our midwestern home became my arena. Grown and nurtured as a young boy, my father taught me accuracy and determination in the sports I played. The established rules in our family was to play sports and to play with all we had. This determination meant I was always training. Balls of many sorts filled our lawn and lined living room floor. Our home was the playing field and my 7 sisters were the opposition. Sports gave me passion and purpose for life in my school years. This run ended senior year with a state ring as my prized hardware.

But the passion never left. Now as a mid-life man fueled by the imagery of the pros. With Upper Deck and ESPN ingrained in my brain from my younger years, I'm inspired to make nothing manufactured, nothing typical, nothing reproduced. Only custom imagery that celebrates the athlete. It's basically a lifetime for a young person to be on their athletic journey. Let’s honor it like a champ as we should. I welcome you to that inspiration and the vision I see for youth imagery.


My goal: to expand the precocious imagery of professional athletes to all tenacious kids across Kansas City. Join the cause and book with us.


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Featured Work

Mike was published by PaulCBuff.com with his senior photography work on their newly launched blog. 


Awards and Recognition

Shoot & Share runs an annual contest judged by thousands of people across the country. Mike has received 3 finalist awards meaning top 100 of over 10,000 images submitted.