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Football Mayhem!

Reliving the past.

That's what you find yourself doing a lot of the time as we age as humans. Pretty sure I never see an old dog jumping over rocks and chasing everything that moves within their peripheral. That's for young pups. Hence the saying, "Old dogs can't learn new tricks." Mike says "Old dogs can remember their old tricks being new." Booyah. That means the excitement and refreshing feeling of new experiences as a kid have just been reborn.

Same story for myself and the athletic dreams as a kid. I do miss the days of profound glory and stepping onto that field feeling like a town hero. Back when Cameron Football filled the stands and closed local stores for Thanksgiving weekend. Those were the days. But I'm happy those days were for that time. There are better days ahead and I'm grateful for them.

I received the opportunity to photograph the Cameron Football team of the '13-'14 season. How awesome and rewarding that was. To reshoot and redream those days by shaking the photography world for those boys and their epic action shots. So happy to make them happy and all their parents. Take a look at the 15 seniors for that team:

Lets not forget my assistant. The beautiful Becky, always there to keep things organized and make me laugh from our similar we are. We have the same blood.

Coach White allowed me to help promote the program with the social media god Facebook. Being able to help steer that ship was almost as fun as taking the pictures of the team. This gave me full creative control of the page and acted as a creative outlet for my compulsive mind. Here are a few examples:

Poster Display_share.jpg

I'm not sure if my chest ever quit busting at the seams from excitement during that season, but I was sure happy to be a part of the program even from way down here in KC. After a successful season and after all the tears and hugs days after, I was appointed the opportunity to create the highlight film for the team. Nothing says AWESOME like making a killer film for these boys in black. Although a long flick, I poured about an entire week into it. Take a look:

Proud. Grateful. These words describe this opportunity and this program. I believe in leadership and great things happen to programs with great leadership. I believe in Coach White and in the way he is leading that program. I hope we continue to work together in the future and I get to work with those kids again. This old dog (myself) got to thrive in the program again even years after playing my senior year. I got the chance to chase greatness with them. I got to feel like a kid again. Amen to that.