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CHS Baseball '14

I received a phone call from a very excited mother. She had a senior kid who had put in countless hours of practice and game time to get the point of "Senior" status. He was there. At the top of his game and his final high school season was upon him. There was nothing this mother and kid wouldn't do to make this year count. THAT'S WHAT WE LIKE TO HEAR. In epic proporations, we get our blood all bubbly for that big open, that smash hit, that call of the name. We remember those feelings and we put that into our work. Remembering the fantastic feelings of high school ball in intensity....to its entirety. What are you viewing below are the banners. Each kid has his "stellor" move or maneuver that his is "signature" look. We stamp that image into the minds of those who attend the games. That's a thing of beauty for a ball player.

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