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We are excited to be working with KGDC to bring you photo day! On January 27th starting at 11:00 AM, we will begin taking portraits of groups and individuals for each class in time slots. These slots will soon be announced and will give you a designated time for your child. We will take individuals first during your time slot and end with the group portrait. All parents are welcomed to pre-pay or pay on the day of the event.


11:00 All Twisters
11:20 Twisters Red Team & Individuals
12:00 Twisters Yellow Team & Individuals
12:30 Twisters Orange Team & Individuals
1:00 Twisters Blue Team & Individuals
1:30 Twisters Pink Team & Individuals
02:00 Twisters Lime Green Team & Individuals
02:30 All Xcel
02:50 Xcel Bronze Team & Individuals
03:30 Xcel Silver Team & Individuals
04:00 Xcel Gold Team & Individuals
04:40 Xcel Platinum Team & Individuals

pre-Pay online or pay at the event!

The pre-pay button will be turned OFF one day before the session (01/25/19) to allow us to prepare for photo day.

Photo Day Tips

Show up 15 minutes prior to time slot

Please fill out an order form for EACH pose by your child

Pre Pay using the link above makes photo day easier!

If you need additional forms, they will be provided on photo day!

Want more poses? Checkout our Showcase Sessions!

Showcase Pricing

30 minute sessions with a $50 booking that goes towards your order! Sessions booking for Feb. 17th, 2019.

Package A - 5 images for $150

Package B - 10 images for $250

Package C - 15 images for $350

Need help? Contact us!


(913) 210-0582