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How It Works

We setup a unique experience with our parents and kids. When we work with teams, individual players work through our line to take their individual portraits. The actual team portrait is composited from each individual portrait. In other words, parents never have to worry about their child being there for the team portrait. This gives parents more flexibilty and allows the team portrait to look perfect since we create the image. We will have a monitor to display each portrait taken. This let's us and the player view their portrait at a larger size!

The individual portrait process gives your child time to grab the absolute best portrait. We take two portraits: a posed portrait and an action portrait. Both are used for the team and individual products.

To find more information on booking with us, please contact us for details.

Our Setup

We love to show up to all events 45 minutes early to give us adequate time to setup our equipment and be 100% by portrait time. Ask that we have access to gyms, fields, or rooms in this amount of time prior. We do bring our own flooring to allow our athletes to wear cleats or any type of shoe. It is a rubber weight-room material that gives traction and also protects floors. We require 12' x 12' ft. area with 10' ft ceilings.

The Process

The process of photo day starts weeks before the day. We love to connect with our organizations/schools and make sure everything is set for picture day. We use social media videos and posts and pictures site banners to remind and keep everyone thinking of picture day. This helps the organization/school to communicate to the parents. We then send several order forms and info to the parents 2 weeks prior to picture day. This gives coaches/teachers plenty of time to give out the forms. On picture day, parents are able to order through the form given or through our website. This gives them flexibility! We bring along several team members and outline the picture area to make the day run smooth. 

Once picture day is complete, we take the next two weeks to edit, process, order, and check all of our orders to ensure things are in order. We then deliver the product to the picture location for distribution in easy-to-deliver boxes!


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When do I owe money?

Before we take any portraits of your child, we need either an order or a deposit from the parent(s).

How long does it take to photograph each player?

We try and give each player 3-5 minutes to be able to grab their absolute best portraits. For example, if we are photographing a team of 12 players, it generally takes 60 minutes total.

How long does it take to get our product(s)?

You can expect our products to end up in your hands in two weeks time. Our workflow consists of editing, designing products, ordering, receiving the product, quality checking and delivering to the coach or organizer for distribution to your child. When you make an order after the portrait session, these orders will be shipped directly to your door.

Where can i find my pictures?

Pictures will be posted AFTER all pre-ordered pictures have been delivered to the school. Typically, 2 weeks from picture day.They are posted in our galleries. You can access that here!

Why Can’t I View Pictures Before I Buy?

Pre-pay prices and selection will be available for two business days after picture day. Images are NOT available for viewing during this time. All of our individual photos are 100% guaranteed. Approximately 2 weeks after picture day, images will be released to the website for late orders. Prepay prices and selection will not be available at that time.

Can I Have My Prepay Order Shipped Home Instead of Sending it to the School?

Yes, please include a $5.00 handling fee as well as your mailing address with your order.

 Is a Package Purchase Required to Order A La Carte or Add-On Items?

You do not need to order a package prior to ordering “a la carte” or “add-on” items. Although the packages offer considerable savings, you may just order single pictures.

My Event Was Just 1 Week Ago But it Says it is Closed Online?

There is a period of time between when our pre-pay event closes and the late order event will open for a specific sport. Please check back about 2 weeks after picture day for any late orders.

Can I pay at picture day?

Yes! We accept cash, check, or debit/credit cards.

I have more than one kid for pictures. Can i just pay one check/credit card?

Yes! But they each MUST have their OWN ORDER FORM.

what if i want extra re-touching?

We can re-touch images for an additional cost. Contact us for this information.

Can I have buddy pictures taken?


Do I still have to fill out an order form on picture day if I order online?

Yes. This helps us know who your child is when you make the online order.

My Child Was in a Buddy/Special Group, How Do I Order This Picture?

Please choose ITEM Y (8X10) or ITEM Z (2-5X7) on your order form and list which picture you would like to order. Please make sure your child tells the photographer they would like a special group picture. You may also order online up to 2 business days after picture day and choose ITEM Y or Z.  You will be prompted to list the “name” of your special group.